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Na'vi Girl Na'vi Girl

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I'd say that overall it's a pretty good piece, but I have to agree with some others here about the colors. possibly the most striking part of the movie is the planet it's self. It's full of beautiful, vibrant colors, even at night, and the Na'vi reflect that beauty. I think what this needs is more vibrant colors, striking contrast, and signature 'luminescent forest' look.

- well proportioned
- stayed true to the movie
- character seems to have a 'personality'
- thorough job and close attention to detail

- colors seem a bit dull
- world lacks 'depth' (not like foreground/ background, but 'reach out and touch')
- doesn't seem 'alive'
- forest lacks it's striking beauty and luminescent feel

Still, overall a very good piece worthy of front page. I couldn't have done so much as half that good. Most of the things I suggested are very difficult to do and are vague as to how one might go about doing them (how do you make something seem 'alive'?). I would be very proud to have made something of this quality.

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